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Demonstration calling for an IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE in GAZA, sponsored by the Party for Socialism & Liberation, and Waco Friends of the Climate, at the intersection of Valley Mills and Waco Drives, Sat., Jan 13, 12 noon until 2pm. Excellent participation with members of both groups contributing to about 18-20 total. Frequent honking of passing vehicles with approx. 70% approval. Although the attack by Hamas and taking of hostages were despicable, the excessive reaction by Israel has essentially led to developing genocide. A ceasefire will save lives on both sides, and hopefully lead to a lasting peace and creation of a 2 state solution. Some reasons we believe a ceasefire is urgently needed:
--22,835 Palestinians have died, including 9,000+ children
--58,416 Palestinians have been injured
--7,000 are missing
--85% of Gazans have been internally displaced
--destroyed sanitation has led to infectious and respiratory illness
--23 of 26 hospitals rendered inoperable, with many physicians killed
--33% of building across the entire territory of Gaza have been destroyed.
--70% of schools have been damaged.
--water production is 7% of prewar supply.
--the massive destruction of Gaza has produced 15 million tons of rubble
--the destruction of infrastructure has produced an environmental disaster, with toxic dust containing concrete, glass, lead, wood, asbestos, heavy metals, carcinogenic polychlorinated biphenyls. This will cause significant morbidity and mortality among Palestinians.
--American's tax dollar support the sale of weapons by the U.S. to Israel.
--Although a 1.5 page press release was sent to abundant Waco area media, unfortunately no media personnel appeared.
We again call for an immediate ceasefire & a 2-state solution. Many thanks to the dedicated activists of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and to Waco Friends of the Climate for their dedication in joining these actions Dec. 16, and today.