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PROTEST Dec. 16, 2023: Calling for an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

--protest at the intersection of Valley Mills and Waco Drives in Waco, from 1pm until 3pm. This is one of the busiest intersections in Waco, especially on Saturday afternoon.
--the slaughter in Gaza, approaching genocide, had been weighing on our minds for weeks. When the U.S. vetoed the Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire, I could wait no longer to speak.
--protestors were members of Waco Friends of the Climate, the Party for Socialism and Liberation (Waco branch), local university staff, and other concerned individuals. A total of about 15 people participated, some not present at time these images were made.
--Since I can't remember all names, I will not attempt to list all of those acting on their conscience Saturday--but offer deep thanks for their presence. Many thanks to Matthew with PSL for organizing his members to join us.
--We held this action because of the horrendous slaughter of the Palestinian people taking place over the recent weeks. Of course we do not condone the Hamas attack. But this Israeli government response is hugely excessive, is generalized punishment, violates international law, and is counterproductive. We call for a ceasefire to end the slaughter on both sides, with time for a diplomatic resolution. Many of us support a 2 state solution.
--Some current stats on suffering of the Palestinian people from the Palestinian News and Info Agency: 19,088 killed; 54,450 injured; 300 health care workers killed; 86 journalists killed; 135 UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency) staff killed; 360,000 infectious disease cases; 11 of 36 hospitals in Gaza partially operational; 0nly 1 hospital in the North is operational (WHO). Other reports indicate about half of Palestinian people are starving.
--It was difficult to judge the response of motorists passing by, because of frequent tented windows. However, many of the responses were positive, with thumbs up sign. One motorist claimed we were being paid to protest--obviously untrue. Another claimed we were "Poking Jews in the eye". This is also untrue: a ceasefire will save Jewish and Palestinian lives.
-- The connection between war and the climate crisis is clear. At COP 27, it was estimated that the annual global military carbon emissions are 2.75gigatonnes CO2 or 5.5% of global annual CO2 emissions. War also damages soil and vegetation, harms biodiversity, ignites fires, and spews particulates and heavy metals into the atmosphere, soil and water.
--We call on President to support a permanent ceasefire immediately.
--Thanks again to all those who participated and helped speak out for peace, and raise consciousness in Waco.
--art exhibit: