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Meetings are currently held on the 4th Tuesday, 6pm, at the South Waco Library, 2737 S. 18th St., Waco, TX 76706. Meetings occur most months, but each should be confirmed by an announcement on this website This website can now be reached entering the following URL: Free "climate crisis is here" yard signs may be obtained by emailing To join our email list and be informed of meetings, events, and campaigns, please email Alan at Scroll down to "Sixth Annual Climate Crisis Art Show Winners."

NOVEMBER Meeting with "YASUNI MAN", Nov. 28, 6pm, South Waco Library

-Waco Friends of the Climate monthly meeting for November, at the large meeting room of the South Waco Library, 2737 S. 18th St., Waco., 76706.
--6pm business session reviews recent actions & discusses upcoming campaigns, and volunteer request.
--Approx. 6:30pm our program begins with a stunning documentary entitled "Yasuni Man."
--"Yasuni Man"is a journey into the heart of Ecuador's battle between preservation and exploitation. The film details how the desperate struggle between conservationists and oil interests plays out, as the indigenous people living in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon struggle to preserve their way of life against encroaching modernity. Filmmaker and biologist Ryan Patrick Killackey documents the staggering biodiversity of the Yasuni region at risk of destruction. In the era of impending climate crisis, it's a more urgent story than ever.
--The film highlights the brutal greed of the fossil fuel industry: continued new extraction that the industry KNOWS will doom our planet.
--Winner of more than 11 international film festival awards.
--"Yasuni Man" film is an intimate portrait of a beautiful land under siege for its oil."--The Guardian
--Film followed by discussion of this documentary & whatever urgent climate issues are on the minds of our members.
--Vegan refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages, supplied by our members.
--Everyone welcome; all FREE.
--Transportation needed? text: 254 744 1682
--More information:
--Virtual 5th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit: