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Waco CITY COUNCIL Meeting, May 17, 2022

From Alan Northcutt:

I spoke about the planned $2.6million in TIF funds for Magnolia Headquarters development at the old Tribune-Herald bldg.

Two Requirements for Magnolia to address the climate emergency (we have advocated for) were stated but were incredibly vague:
  • "Four EV charging stations in the parking lot." I noted that it should be specified as "Level 2, J1772 charging stations, at least 12 needed."
  • "Solar energy component." I explained this offers no guarantee of meaningful action. I recommended using the 2022 California commercial building standards: PV installation targeted at 60% of bldg load, and a battery targeted at 10% of building load.
  • I also added a 3rd requirement for the bldg and test kitchen of electricity only, with NO natural gas. It is much cheaper to install during construction rather than retrofitting.

I described our current impacts of the climate emergency with near-record high temps and severe to exceptional drought this Spring.

 COUNCIL RESPONSE: not a single word. (Kelly Palmer and Borderud had recused themselves, and Kelly DOES seem to care about the climate crisis). I was stunned the Council passed unanimously such a resolution that is essentially meaningless in its vagueness. This reinforced my view that citizen comments are just a formality never to be acted upon. Or the Council does not want to do anything to upset the Gaines. Or they really don't recognize our climate crisis.