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Earth Day: Free Trees To Help Heal Our Planet

Waco Friends of the Climate is giving away free eastern red cedar seedlings (500 available) at the Downtown Farmers’ Market (500 Washington Avenue) on Saturday, April 23rd. The Farmers' Market opens at 9:00 am, and we will give away trees until 5:00 pm or until all seedlings are distributed. These eastern red cedar seedlings are over 6 inches tall, and planting instructions will be provided.

The eastern red cedar is a Texas native, medium size, evergreen, drought resistant, rapidly growing tree. It produces blue berries that are eaten by birds and may serve as a windbreak. This red cedar was recommended by Texas A&M Forest Service for McLennan County.

The red cedar will lessen the heat island effect to help cool Waco. It will serve as an excellent carbon sink to combat the climate crisis, clean our air, provide shade, and increase biodiversity by providing a home for other creatures.

Tree planting alone will not end the climate crisis; but, by adding to our carbon sinks, it contributes to this enormous struggle. (Slashing GHG emissions remains key).

A follow up report on the progress of your tree will be requested.

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