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STYROFOAM PARTY & Volunteer Recognition with the City of Waco

When:  Monday, Feb. 7, Noon until 1 PM

Where: Cobb's Recycling Center, 2021 N. 44th. St,, Waco 76710

What:  Tour of Cobb's facility, demonstration of styrofoam densifier machine, refreshments

The City of Waco will officially open Cobb's Recycling Center as a drop-off point for styrofoam, and will recycle the material in house.   Waco Friends of the Climate will recognize our many, many volunteers who made styrofoam recycling possible in Waco. 

On August 17, 2019 we attempted collection of styrofoam, requesting Wacoans to drop it off.  We loaded the donated styrofoam on a UHaul truck (partially full), and drove it to Dart, Corp., in Waxahachie for recycling.  Over 26 months and about 10 collection dates, the program grew until we observed lines of 10 to 15 cars, eager to recycle, and the filling of 3 large trucks.  We persisted through the COVID pandemic, requiring masking of volunteers and donors for safety.  And now, the City of Waco will take over recycling, with the manpower to do a huge volume, protecting our climate and environment even more fully

We are proud of the work our members did, with 8 to 12 showing up on each collation date, many working up to 4 hours in Waco.  This was followed by 2 or 3 volunteer drivers, who transported the styrofoam to Waxahachie, where they unloaded and bagged the material for the recycling process.    Our final collection date was October 9, 2021--completed with some sadness.  .

We strongly encourage all of our members to join us Monday, as we celebrate the City's new role in styrofoam recycling, and the hard work and dedication of Friends of the Climate volunteers, who made this citizen-led initiative a reality.