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WACO FRIENDS of the CLIMATE Update July 25, 2021

From Alan Northcutt:

HUGE THANK YOU to OUR VOLUNTEERS at July 11 Styrofoam Recycling
Our July quarterly Styrofoam collection for recycling was very busy, but our group of about a dozen dedicated volunteers was up to the  task.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.  The volunteers are pictured above from the top to bottom left to right:  Travis Hipp, Rafael, Tom Rinard, new member,  Matt Helton, Harrison Ward, Sarah Hornyak, Harry Moore, Kandi (Ana), Deven, and Nancy Marquis (not pictured).  The drivers for the following day were Travis Hipp, Jack Bower, and myself.  I apologize to the new member:  he first attended a meeting just before the COVID lockdown, and I didn't record his name.  (If he will email me, I will add his name to this email and our website).  The day was very busy:  cars lined up 1 hour early, and the first lines contained around 10 to 12 cars.  To increase the challenge, the heat index that afternoon was up to 101F.  Thanks to the hard work of all our volunteers, we got the job done, collecting a full 26ft. truck and 2 full 15ft.trucks.  Wacoans were also very generous, donating $325 to help us pay for the UHaul trucks and supplies.

In an effort to increase the climate impacts of July 11, we prepared a short handout for our Styrofoam donors.  The handout thanked them for participating and asked each to consider taking another very important step to address the climate crisis--to choose a 100% renewable electricity plan.  The flyer explained the importance, the cost, and how to make the change.  So today, 14 days later, I have received emails from 3 Styrofoam donors who HAVE changed to a 100% renewable plan.  Although I have hoped for a greater response, 3 is positive, and hopefully their experience will spread to their friends and neighbors.

I spoke at the Waco Sustainability Board meeting in June describing our 2 year experience with Styrofoam recycling.   At that time the City announced it will in the future purchase a densifier machine and do Styrofoam collection for recycling.  This is great news, as clearly the City has resources enabling it to handle a much larger volume of the plastic.  So for this transition to a City service, we are looking at a final Friends of the Climate Styrofoam collection--but one held at the Cobbs Recycling Center, around mid-October.  More information on this will follow.  I am very proud of our organization for starting this program, for all our volunteers who staffed nine collections, and for the opportunity to hand this off to the City of Waco, and see it grow tremendously.

5th ANNUAL CLIMATE CRISIS ART EXHIBIT: Deadline for Entries is Dec 1st
About 1 month ago, an announcement went out to the climate artists of previous years.  The following is the email:

Dear Artists:
I am happy to announce the 5th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit for Fall & Winter
2021/2022. The show this year will be entirely online, as this format clearly reaches more
viewers, an important feature for climate inspiration and art sales. To allow artists, including
students, more time for their work, we will accept art in mid-November, with a deadline
of December 1. Since some artists and visitors felt the gallery used last year was
difficult to navigate, this year's exhibit will use a simple format, with one page for each piece.
Otherwise, the show will be very similar, with no admission fee and generous prizes.

I am sending this email now so that artists may begin to prepare for the exhibit as soon
as possible.  An email with full details of the show will follow.  This exhibit has grown briskly
each year and I am confident will do so for 2021/2022.  The show allows display of one's work to an international audience, with an opportunity for judged prize
s online art show.  You will contribute to preserving our biosphere, with a great opportunity to sell your art worldwide.  Deadline for entries is December 1st. 

Although we hope to begin Friends of the Climate meetings soon, we will carefully monitor the  COVID delta variant resurgence before we resume.  Our likely plan now is to have meetings at the updated library meeting rooms, use their audiovisual equipment, and have vegan food catered.  Look for an announcement soon.  And by the way:  unless your physician states that you have a contraindication for vaccination, as people of science, we should ALL be vaccinated against COVID.

Under President Biden, climate action has improved.  We still have a long way to go, and local activism remains vital.  Because of changes in Facebook policy, we are changing from a public to private group.  Everyone on our email list should be a member of our Facebook group.  If  you are not, please go to the Facebook group and request membership;  Waco Friends of the Climate.
     Thanks for your perseverance, and we hope to see everyone very soon.
                                            Alan Northcutt, M.D.
                                            Director, Waco Friends of the Climate
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