Important Announcements

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From Alan Northcutt: 

After working to move the Waco City Council to act on decarbonization, I have decided to take it to the next level and run for City Council, District 5.  We worked together on presentations and comment periods at the Council sessions for almost 3 years.  The Council has taken some baby steps, but I believe it would benefit from a member dedicated to climate action.  I would also favor human values over profit.  For example, in cases of rezoning to allow short term rentals in quiet neighborhoods, I would favor preserving quiet, safe neighborhoods over profit for one person.

I think the campaign will be a challenge, but with 64% recognizing anthropogenic climate change in Waco, and the victory of  Biden-Harris, I think we can win this.  Also, I believe my C.V. is superior to the other 3 candidates.  Finally, I would be unique in that as a retired physician, I would devote my time primarily to Council work, as a full-time job.

If anyone would like to support my campaign, we will need volunteers to canvass District 5.  I would like to drop a pamphlet at every residence in the District.  So if you would like to help with canvassing or other tasks, please email me at  Many thanks.


I don't like to ask people for donations, but it seems to be a necessary part of the election process.  Anyone who would like to donate, in any amount, would be greatly appreciated.  The following are the regulations:

  • Make check to "Northcutt for District 5"
  • Include your name, address, date, occupation, name of employer, and phone number
  • No cash (coins and paper money) over $100.  Checks are not restricted in this way.  
  • No corporate or overseas donations.
  • Please mail to Alan Northcutt, 619 Stone Manor Dr., McGregor, TX 76657. (Although my mailing address says McGregor, I am located in District 5 of Waco).

Deepest Thanks!