Important Announcements

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MANY THANKS To Styrofoam Volunteers on Dec. 12!

Another successful Styrofoam collection day is in the history books. On a very cold morning, we filled a 26 foot UHaul truck, and one-third filled a second 20 foot UHaul. Citizens in Waco responded once again, with a line of up to 8 cars around 9 am. Although we ran into some complications in Waxahachie, we eventually donated all of the Styrofoam for recycling. Our gratitude to these hard working volunteers: 
  • Travis Hipp, who drove the 26ft. truck in very difficult I35 conditions
  • Harrison Ward, who effectively arranged the Styrofoam in the trucks.
  • Casey Hale, who helped transfer Styrofoam from donor vehicles to the UHaul trucks.
  • Monty Suffern, who also helped transfer Styrofoam.
  • Bobbie Sebastian, a new member who eagerly helped transfer and stack Styrofoam.
We also appreciated the generosity of Waco citizens, who donated approximately $135, which was useful in covering a portion of our significant expenses this time. 

Mark your calendars: next collection day SATURDAY, APRIL 3RD.