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Climate Art Exhibit Update

From Alan Northcutt:

The show is now open and updated. Several important notes:
  • One crucial point: the gallery is beautiful on window PC. However, we have learned that the gallery does not work well (blurry) if one uses a MAC with Safari. So if you have a MAC, please use Firefox or Chrome as a browser. This should correct the problem. For cell phones, it’s necessary to get the "exhibit" app, but the screen is a bit small for my taste.
  • We had about 20 late entries we have added for a total of about 85 entries. We divided the galleries into A for Adults and B for Students from preK to university.
  • Navigating takes a little practice, but once you learn it is enjoyable to move around the simulated real art gallery.
  • With the modifications, it’s a good idea to review your pieces. Let me know of any errors or omissions. I am committed to getting the info as perfect as possible.
  • We have had visits to the site from around the world, almost 400 thus far.
  • Remember that the gallery will remain up thru Nov. 30 if not longer.