Important Announcements

This website can now be reached entering the following URL: Free "climate crisis is here" yard signs may be obtained by emailing The 6th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit is calling all artists now

Waco Friends of the Climate 5th Styrofoam Recycling Event

We got great response from Wacoans as we filled 1 and ½ large UHaul trucks. We greatly appreciate the response, but wish to channel that degree of environmental concern to the actual existential threat of the 21st century, the climate crisis.

Many thanks to our hard-working volunteers of this event: Travis Hipp, Harrison Ward, and Rafael. They persisted thru four hours of collection.

The volume of styrofoam has steadily grown, and this time we needed to rent a 2nd truck after only about one hour of collection.

Thanks to Paul Mundy of PM Fabricators and Machine for receiving this styrofoam to perform the first stage of recycling, grinding and melting the styrofoam to produce a dense, light tan-yellow hard plastic. This substrate will be taken to a facility that manufactures eyeglass frames and other plastic products from the recycled Styrofoam.

Many thanks to the styrofoam donors who generously donated about $180 to help defray the cost of renting 2 Uhaul trucks.

Please save the date: December 12, Sat. , 9am until Ipm. for our next Styrofoam Recycling Event.