Important Announcements

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Greetings Climate Crisis Artists

Today we have very exciting news that will finalize plans for the 2020 Climate Crisis Exhibit and inspire everyone to enter the show.  Because the Waco Winery is still not open and because of several other issues, we have decided to do a  virtual climate crisis art show for 2020.

The online venue is beautiful:  the exhibit will be housed in a virtual museum building with multiple rooms, French windows, realistic lighting--the feel of an actual museum.  One may stroll through the building, focusing when desired on individual works and zooming to view detail.  

With this change in plans, due to the COVID pandemic, we will alter a few  Exhibit details:

  • We encourage EVERYONE, professional or amateur, to work on their entry or entries now.  Remember that the primary focus is climate change: the science, impacts, projections, horrifying results, and solutions. Since climate change makes pandemics like COVID-19 more likely, images related to the pandemic may be submitted.  
  • Three (3) pieces may be entered per artist.
  • We are focused primarily on wall art.  Although sculptures may be entered, realize that they will be represented by photographs from several angles.
  • Once your piece(s) are complete, they should be delivered to Alan’s home ASAP for photographing. 
  • Teachers may wish to deliver all student entries at one time.
  • An announcement will follow soon specifying a date the photographing will begin.
  • The show will provide considerable prize monies as in previous years:    Adult 1st $1000,  Adult 2nd $600, Adult 3rd $400, Peoples' Choice $400, Student 1st $500, Student 2nd $200 and Student 3rd $100. 
  • Deadline:  we ask that all art be delivered to Alan’s home by September 29th, with the Grand Opening of October 1st.  
  • Closing:  the show will run at least through October 31st.  We will continue the Exhibit longer if interest is adequate.

We will provide more details later, but are outlining the show now so that all artists may work  on their entries.  We hope you will all enter to use your talents to address mankind's greatest threat, to experience a unique and beautiful format, to increase exposure and possibly increased sales, and to compete for significant cash prizes.

Thanks for your interest and concern for the well being of our planet.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email Alan Northcutt:  anorthc@aol.