Important Announcements

This website can now be reached entering the following URL: Free "climate crisis is here" yard signs may be obtained by emailing The 6th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit is calling all artists now

THE NAME CHANGE IS OFFICIAL: Waco Friends of the Climate

After multiple votes, the member opinion could not be denied:  a majority wanted to change to Waco Friends of the Climate.  We realize that this will not make everyone happy, but we will act as a democracy dictates.  The major advantages of the new name include:  name reflects our current mission statement, name is easier to write, name is easier to speak, and name will cause less confusion.  We thank all who voted, and respect the view of all who disagreed.  In most places the new name will be present immediately, but other sites will take time.  For now, the website is still, but Facebook is Waco Friends of the Climate.
Many thanks to Harrison Ward for website work, and to Adrian Northcutt for digital graphics.