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Drive-through STYROFOAM RECYCLING June 27, 2020

There was a great response by Waco citizens to Waco Friends of Peace/Climate’s fourth Styrofoam recycling collection.  Cars were lined up at 9:00 am, and the larger 26-foot UHaul truck was full at 10:45 am.  We suspect pandemic-related increased food take-out containers contributed to the huge styrofoam load of this 4th collection.

0ur apologies to people who came after we closed the door of the totally full truck. Please save your styrofoam for the next collection in about 3 months.

Greatest thanks to our very hardworking crew of Travis Hipp and Harrison Ward. Travis drove the massive truck and was an animal at unloading the styrofoam. Harrison was invaluable in receiving the plastic, as cars formed long lines, beginning before 9:00am

The generosity of those dropping off styrofoam was amazing and deeply appreciated. The funds donated will help offset the considerable expenses of renting the truck and paying for fuel.

The donation building at Dart Corporation in Waxahachie was absolutely full to the ceiling and we piled the plastic in the front of the structure.

Our next collection will be around September 19th, and we will look for new strategies to accommodate everyone.  We will need more volunteers, especially for the Waxahachie unloading.

NOTE:  although this is an important service, we recognize that recycling is only a very small part of climate change mitigation, and in no way is alone a solution to the crisis.