Important Announcements

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Greetings Climate Crisis Artists

A message from Alan Northcutt:

I would like to open the 4th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit to all you wonderful artists.  
I recognize that the world is consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic at this moment, and it is very serious.  But we cannot forget the ongoing climate crisis, which will be even more catastrophic to mankind in the long-run.  Therefore, it is important to announce the show.  

Further, while most of us are social distancing, this may be a good time to utilize the solitary hours working on a project for the show.  (Also, since we don't know the duration of the pandemic, delaying this announcement could prevent some artists from having adequate time for their entries).

Note that the major change is that the show will take place in October rather than September, primarily to provide students with more time to complete their projects.  We have also added 2 more prizes to the Student Division. 
Please find the instructions for artists and the entry form in the post below.  The instructions are very similar to the instructions for the 2019 Exhibit. To help us provide the best show of education and inspiration possible, we encourage all artists to  reply to this email and complete the simple entry form.  And remember our first place judged award remains at $1000.  
Best wishes on your inspiration and completion of your art.  We look forward to seeing every one of you again, on September 25 or before.
Please feel free to email me with any questions,

Best wishes,

Alan D. Northcutt, MD
4th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit.