Important Announcements

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Recycle Styrofoam February 1st!

Save your Christmas styrofoam packing materials.  Drop them off at the huge parking lot at Waco Dr. & Valley Mills Dr., in front of Ocean Buffet.  This service is FREE.

Come early:  Styrofoam will be accepted from 8:00 am until 11:00 am, or until our vehicle is full.

Bring shaped/molded foam in one container - food service items (cups, containers) in a separate container.  Rinse all pieces so they are clean.  NO peanuts, lids or straws.

We will take the Styrofoam to Waxahachie for recycling.   This will be a great opportunity to responsibly deal with this hard-to-recycle material and help keep our land and waters free of styrofoam waste, lessen material in landfills, and cut GHG emissions.

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