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CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE on the Lynn Woolley radio program, Friday, May 17, from 2 to 3pm

From Alan Northcutt:

Thanks to Lynn Wooley for providing time for the most important issue facing mankind. Lynn debated strongly but was fair, giving me equal time and never cutting my microphone (to my knowledge).

I believe I addressed adequately the issues Lynn brought up, except for one:
Lynn feels Al Gore, especially his lifestyle, is very important in this debate. Other conservatives bash VP Gore as well, and use this attack as a justification for rejecting climate science. I did not fully address the Gore question, since I had not really paid attention to his lifestyle, as it was irrelevant to me. This is my more complete response:

  • Mitigating climate change will depend primarily on POLICY changes, such as a carbon fee and dividend, or the Green New Deal. Individual choices are important, but policy is key. 
  • To create international policies, meetings of diplomats and scientists are necessary, and will require airline flight. The emissions from airplanes are an investment in creating policies which will produce the required massive slashing of GHG emissions. Thus VP Gore flies to international meetings to participate in these crucial negotiations. (And if deniers do not accept the connection of GHG emissions to temperature, why would they care about his airline flight history?). Further, Gore DOES purchase carbon offsets when he flies. 
  • By creating worldwide awareness of anthropogenic climate change, Mr. Gore did deserve the NOBEL PRIZE.
  • Analogy: if a researcher informed the entire world about a new deadly disease, would you reject his breakthrough because he drove a Mercedes and lived in a mansion? 
  • Most important, the greenhouse effect is a principle of physics discovered over 100 years ago. It will not be altered by rejection based on politics, or the personal habits of an individual, such as Al Gore.
However, personal actions DO affect GHG emissions, so it is important to look at the truth about Gore's lifestyle [data from Snopes]:
  • Gore does live in a very large house, but it was used as a home and as offices for Gore's business and his wife's business. 
  • Gore purchases his electricity from a provider that sources renewable-generated electricity.
  • Gore has installed solar panels on his home. 
  • Gore, in addition, has a rainwater collection system, geothermal heating., LED lighting.
  • Gore's home was rated 2nd highest category by US Green Buildings.
  • Gore purchases carbon offsets when flying.
I am certain this information ends any attempt to use VP Al Gore as a reason to reject the science of anthropogenic climate change.

Thanks again to Lynn and I hope we will discuss this vital issue on his show again very soon.