Important Announcements

This website can now be reached entering the following URL: Free "climate crisis is here" yard signs may be obtained by emailing The 6th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit is calling all artists now

GO RENEWABLE WACO: Campaign Launch Now!

The campaign name, GO RENEWABLE WACO, was chosen by vote at the August meeting of Waco Friends of Peace/Climate.  As discussed, the first step is the circulation of the petition, with a goal of 1000 signatures.  So the most important action everyone can take NOW is to SIGN the petition, and include a small personal comment.

Sign Petition:  here is the link to the petition: y-2050.

Have Others Sign Petition:  Please distribute to your friends, family members, colleagues at work, etc. This may be done by sending them the link above.

If you do not have the link available, you can instruct friends in very simple terms:  Go to  Search with this phrase:  "Waco City Council."   Our petition will probably be the first search result, and the petition title is "WACO CITY COUNCIL: PLEDGE 1OO% RENEWABLE ENERGY BY 2050." 

Facebook:  Direct friends to Waco Friends of Peace-Climate group or page. The petition link will be near the top.

Share and spread the petition by email and Facebook.

The petition goal is 1000 SIGNATURES.  Once attained, we may make our 10 minute presentation before the Waco City Council.  We request that each person obtain 20 signatures, and we will easily reach our goal.  ALWAYS REMEMBER: Climate change is an existential threat to ourselves, our children and all peoples of the planet.  With action at the federal level stalled, it is OUR responsibility to act powerfully at the City level.