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United Against Trump: Inaugural Protest -- January 20th, Heritage Square

This post is from Alan Northcutt, who was the lead hand in organizing the Inaugural Protest:

Deepest  thanks to all the activists who did the preparation:  Carmen Saenz, Cindy Albert, Ana Northcutt, Bruce Huff, Sherrell Emanuel Huff, Travis Hipp, Harrison ward, Adrian Northcutt, Jessica Green and Craig Nash.  I apologize for any names that I missed.

Great thanks to the powerful speakers whose words were the heart of the event:  David Schleicher, Rebecca Farrar,  Bill Matta, Ernesto Fraga, Jenuine Poetess, Chris Van Gorder, Reggie Singletary, Carmen Saenz, Saddiq Granger and Kristen Mouton.

Huge thanks to the musicians who created the amazing soundtrack: Venus E and Tea Aguilar.

My gratitude to the reporters who spread the word:  Cassie L. Smith, Kandace Thomas, the Lariat reporters  and one other TV reporter.

My graditude to & respect for the 214-250 people for their conscience and courage in attending & making the event a success.

My appreciation for the growing progressive community in Waco, and for its increasing courage to speak out publicly.

My gratitude to the organizations who endorsed this protest: Waco Friends of Peace/Climate, Interwaco, Baylor Democrats, Stonewall Democrats of Central Texas and North East Riverside Neighborhood Association.

And my agreement with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who said: "....I will not be celebrating or honoring an incoming president who rode racism, sexism, xenophobia and bigotry to the White House."

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