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Letter To Luminant

The following letter was sent by Waco Friends of Peace/Climate to the CEO of Luninant.  It was presented to attendees at the August 16th meeting of FOP/C and collected 33 signatures.

Chief Executive Officer
Luminant Headquarters
Energy Plaza
1601 Bryan Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Dear Sir/Madam—
As citizens of McLennan County, Tx, we would like to express our opposition to your proposed construction of a new natural gas-fired power plant at Tradinghouse Lake. We oppose this facility for multiple reasons:
  • The planetary crisis of climate change requires the United States rapidly convert our fossil fuel infrastructure to renewables by 2050. Therefore, building a new fossil fuel based plant in 2017 is contraindicated. Such a gas-fired plant emits significant CO2, estimated at 50% that of a coal fired plant. In addition, about 50% of fuel for the plant would come from fracking. The leakage of methane during this extraction procedure is well known, and methane is 70 times more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.
  • Waco is near the limit of 70ppb for ground level ozone. There is considerable risk that the proposed gas facility would cause the City to exceed this EPA limit. Furthermore, the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee Ozone Review Panel found that the “current primary National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone is not protective of human health.” In a letter to the EPA administrator July 1, 2014. Therefore, the plant would put human health at risk.
  • The proposed Tradinghouse Lake gas plant would emit other hazardous organic compounds and particulates.
  • Renewable energy, which would not emit greenhouse gases, and is safe for human populations, is widely available in Texas. The state leads the nation in wind power production.

For these reasons, we request that Luminant NOT build the proposed Tradinghouse Lake Plant. Since Luminant has some experience and holdings in wind and solar power, we request that the corporation provide such energy, which will not exacerbate climate change, and will protect the health of our citizens.

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