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Global Divestment Day Rally

The Waco Friends of Peace held a rally Saturday, February 14, from 2 to 4 pm at the busy intersection of Waco Drive and Valley Mills Drive in Waco.  About a dozen climate activists held a very large banner and signs in support of the divestment from fossil fuels by banks, corporations, religious organizations, universities, and individuals.

Saturday had been proclaimed "Global Divestment Day," with hundreds of actions held in over 50 countries.  Already, over 20 colleges, dozens of religious institutions and numerous cities have completed divestment, removing over $50 billion in assets from fossil fuel companies.  Global Divestment Day was designed to increase the pressure on companies whose activities contribute to climate change and threaten to destroy our livable biosphere.  Divestment Day emphasized that the preservation of our biosphere takes priority over fossil fuel company profits.  

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