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Letter To Congressman Flores

The following letter has been sent to Congressman Bill Flores from the Waco Friends of Peace:

The Honorable Bill Flores
U.S. Representative District 17, Texas
400 Austin Avenue, Suite 302
Waco, TX 76701
FAX 254 732 1755

August 9, 2012

Dear Congressman Flores—

As your constituents in District 17, we are appalled by the gun violence and frequent massacres in our country.  Each year approximately 100,000 people are killed or injured in the United States by gun violence.  U.S. homicide rates are 6.9 times higher than rates in 22 other populous high-income countries combined, despite similar non-lethal crime and violence rates.

We believe it is time to take action to halt this carnage.  We call on you to support legislation to:
1)      Ban assault weapons (which have no legitimate civilian use)
2)      Ban high capacity ammunition clips (useful only for killing people)
3)      Require criminal background checks on ALL gun sales (no loopholes).

These common sense measures are supported by a majority of Americans and will go a long way toward decreasing senseless death and injury by guns.


Waco Friends of Peace

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