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September Meeting and Progressive Film Series

DATE: Thursday, September 8, 2011

TIME: Pizza Buffet and business 6:00

Film and discussion 6:30



GENRE: Documentary.

VENUE: Poppa Rollo's Pizza, Westbank Mtg. Room

FEE: ALL free.

RATING: R (language and description of violence)

RUN TIME: 93 minutes.

RESTREPO is an entirely experiential film: the cameras never leave the valley. The only goal is

to make the viewers feel as if they have just been

through a 90-minute deployment.

On the 10th anniversary of the US's longest war,

the FOP presents this visceral reminder that the war DOES continue. The war machine is talking about a US occupation until 2024! We have time for discussion after the film. Where is the peace movement now? What should the Peace movement be doing? And particularly--what should the FOP in Waco do in response to this truly endless war?

Please be sure to join us to learn and to help the peace movement in Central Texas grow.

Your presence and comments are invaluable to us. Thank you.

NOTE: We will have a short memorial on the occasion of September 11. Our

remembrance will be of the 1million plus civilians of other countries killed in

the U.S. so called war on terror. And discuss the upcoming movement. We also have a 5 minute video clip of David Rovic's concert in August

for those who could not make it--and also for those who DID attend!