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January FOP Meeting and Progressive Documentary

TITLE: King: Man of Peace in a Time of War.
DATE: January 13, 2011.
TIME: 6pm, business and pizza buffet.
6:30 film and discussion.
PLACE: Poppa Rollo's Pizza, 703 N. Valley Mills Drive,
Westend meeting room.
PRICE: Free pizza, tea/water, cookies and
documentary. donations accepted.
RATING: Unrated, but fine for all ages.
RUN TIME: 60 minutes.
In honor of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the
FOP will present this excellent documentary which
focuses primarily on Dr. King's antiwar efforts. Our
country criticized Rev. King harshly for his position at
the time, and now scarcely mentions his antiwar views. Thus we will emphasize this part of Dr. King's legacy at the January meeting.
The film is remarkable for an appearance of the leader on a 1967 Mike Douglas Show speaking eloquently about civil rights and his opposition to
the Vietnam War.
King: Man of Peace is a remarkably relevant salute to a man who remains an inspiration and a force for social change nearly forty years after his untimely death at the age of 39.
The agenda for the evening also includes: March antiwar protests, FOP billboard, new T-shirt, and new projects/directions.
Your presence is vital for the peace and progressive movement in Central Texas. Your input and support are always truly appreciated. Hope to see you there.
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