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TITLE: Body of War: The True Story of an Anti-War Hero.
DATE: December 10, Thurs.
TIME: 6pm, pizza/announcements.
6:30 film/discussion.
GENRE: Documentary.
VENUE: Poppa Rollo's Pizza
Meeting Room, 703 N. Valley Mills Dr, Waco.
Run time: 87 min.
AUDIENCE: All welcome.
FEE: All free.
The Friends of Peace presents this spectacular film just as Pres. Obama announces the escalation of the war on Afghanistan. The film
details the suffering of an Iraq vet injured in the war. These details are spliced with the vote of Congress for that war. The effect is very moving.
The film reminds us of the horrible cost of these wars of choice. Viewing this documentary will further consolidate our opposition to further occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.
In addition, many of us will remember Thomas, the veteran in the film, from his time at Camp Casey in Crawford.
So please come see this moving and important film. And support the progressive movement in Waco.