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Last Checkpoint Protests During the Bush Presidency

1)The day Bush arrived for Holidays 2 activists on the corner in
downtown Crawford. They were joined by a visitor from Florida who
asked to hold a sign. It was cold and windy. But we were warmed
by the power of truth as a like spirit for peace joins us, as has
happened so many times before.
2)The same day activists from Friends of Peace and others at the
checkpoint of Bush ranch.
3-5)Several days later a group of about 15 at the traditional New
Year's Eve Peace Vigil at the checkpoint. We were joined by
activists from Dallas and Austin with the message "Worst Presi-
dent Ever." It was bitterly cold but the group spoke its truth
for about 2 hours that night. We brought in 2009 with phone
calls to friends such as Ann Wright and Cindy Sheehan. Words
can not express the magical power of the simple act of speaking
truth with a small band of peace activists, in the face of military killing machine based just a few kilometers up the road.
6-10)Karma got us in place the next morning on New Year's Day at
the checkpoint before Bush left Crawford for the last time as
President. We felt sentimental knowing this was the last time
we would speak out against tyranny while Bush was President.
11)After Bush left the ranch, Secret Service took down the barriers
for the last time. We reflected on the various reaction we
received from the police at the site: friendly and helpful,
silent and neutral, gruff or grumpy, and downright belligerent
and aggressive. We noted that the reaction from cars leaving
and entering the compound had become more and more positive to
us over the years.
12)As we walked on toward the main entrance gate the sign reminded
us of the struggle for freedom of speech that had gone on before.
And on this very day, the pictured activist was harassed by the
secret service for legally walking on this stretch of road. We
were reminded that we must always know our rights and fight to
exercise them.
13-14)The helicopters carrying Bush out as President for the last
time began to leave. And Harrison's sign summed it up well as
Bush tried to rewrite history now and rehabilitate his legacy:
15)As we prepare to leave (for now), and the Secret Service pack
up the barricades, a buzzard circles over the true remnants
of the Bush legacy.
Thanks to all peace activists through the years who have helped
maintain this consistent vigil at the Bush ranch. I know we have
helped move the country a few steps in the direction of peace.