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People's Campaign for the Constitution

The Waco Friends of Peace was a signatory to a new declaration of Independence for our times which appeared as a half page ad in the New York Times July 3, 2008. We joined 600 others in signing and funding this declaration. Signatories from Texas included Hadi Jawad, Rick Halperin and the Freedom and Justice Foundation.

The text began: "When in the course of human events the government becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established, it is the right of the people to alter it and demand restoration of those Constitutional principles that have so long assured their liberty, safety, and happiness. Therefore, on the anniversary of our Independence, we offer this new declaration for our times." The text addresses presidential usurpation of power, illegal surveillance, signing statements, torture, violation of international treaties, imprisonment of lawful immigrants, and massive governmental secrecy.

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