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DOCUMENTARY: Extraordinary Rendition: U.S. Outsourcing of Torture.
RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2007.
RATING: Unknown.
EVENT DATE: Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008.
TIMES: 6p.m. free pizza buffet and community announcements. your input welcome.
6:30p.m. film and discussion.
VENUE: Poppa Rollo's Pizza mtg. room. enter from outside on right or from inside restaurant.
703. N. Valley Mills Drive, Waco.
AUDIENCE: All welcome.
CHARGE: All free.
Extraordinary Rendition explores the CIA practice of kidnapping suspects and secretly transporting them to black sites in countries known to utilize torture during interrogation.
Although Bush claims "we don't torture", it's well documented we DO torture, and a CIA snatch team was recently put on trial in Italy for kidnapping a person there for rendition. Frontline World journalist Stephen Grey documents this dark side of the so-called "war on terror." A very informative film on a topic scarcely addressed by the corporate infotainment news media.
We cordially invite you to attend this film. We are sure you will be informed, and have a chance to voice your opinion, outrage, or disagreement in this unique forum for Central Texas.
Thanks for your interest and support.
There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. --Elie Wiesel