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Crawford Action November 10, 2007

Peace and Justice groups joined forces November 10 in Crawford in protest of Bush Administration policies, during a visit of Bush to his "ranch". The unbelievable disgrace of the Senate confirmation of Mukasey as Attorney General happened the day before. Members of the Waco Friends of Peace and others protested at the ranch checkpoint against waterboarding and all forms of human torture practiced by the Bush administration. Having undergone a mild degree of waterboarding personally, I can confirm what all the world knows: waterboarding IS torture. Our simple statement for the action was:
Crawford, TX
November 10, 2007.

The Waco Friends of Peace condemn all forms of torture and extraordinary rendition and call on Mr. Bush to immediately end these practices. Waterboarding is a classic torture technique and undeniably violates U.S. and international law. Waterboard torture was used during the Spanish Inquisition and the Japanese were prosecuted for its use after World War II. We protest at the Bush Ranch today these abusive practices and say as Americans: “not in our name.” We call on Mr. Bush to help restore the moral authority of the U.S. by immediately ending all torture and extraordinary rendition.
The Friends of Peace were joined by Pakistani and Iranian activists at the checkpoint. Later they spoke at a press conference at the Crawford Texas Peace House. The press conference was led by legendary Dallas activist Hadi Jawad. The Iranian activist explained the reality of society in Iran and pleaded for the U.S. not to attack her country. The Pakistani activists demanded their constitution be restored, curbs against the media be removed, and elections be held by Jan. 15, 2008.
Thanks to all activists from around the state who participated and helped speak truth to power.