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Solidarity Live Freeway Blog Oct. 27

October 27, 2007 was a day of regional anti-war protests throughout the U.S. with major events in 11 cities, from Los Angeles to Boston. The action was called by United for Peace and Justice and titled "Fall Out Against the War." Early reports indicate very successful rallies in participating cities. The Friends of Peace endorsed the event and held a live freeway blog in solidarity with peace activists across the country. Our simple message remained the same: Bring the Troops Home Now. Bush and the Democratically controlled Congress have both failed to heed the will of a majority of Americans who have demanded an end to the illegal and immoral Iraq occupation. Thus the peace community continues to speak out clearly, and it now speaks for the 70% of the populace who have called for a timetable for withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq. We reject an indefinite occupation of Iraq for empire. As Former Centcom Commander General John Abizaid admitted at Stanford University in October: "Of course its (Iraq War) about oil. We can't really deny that." more details:
Thanks to all dedicated FOP members who helped in this action.