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September 16, 2007 Peace Solidarity Blog

After a week of Bush administration propaganda about how splendidly the occupation of Iraq was going, protests occurred throughout the country, including a march of 100,000 in D.C. on Sept. 15. To show solidarity with all those activists and to express our outrage in Waco, we had a live freeway blog on Sept. 16. It was our most successful ever with 14 activists, heavy traffic,
one police intimidation attempt (failed), 3-4 banners with N and S bound messages, no attacks on our banners, great media coverage, and near 90,000 motorists reached!! Our bloggers ranged from Baylor students to senior citizens. The traffic response to Honk for Impeachment was very positive. Most moving, a pedestrian crossing the bridge picked up one of our peace flags and joined us. This young lady stated she has a son in Iraq and she opposes the war--she wants her son brought home now.
When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.