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American People's Poll on Iraq, Ft. Worth 9.1.07

Texans for Peace sponsored this protest across the street from a big Republican meeting. Waco Friends of Peace members joined many many friends in Fort Worth for this great action. There were excellent speakers, including Hadi, Cindy, Ann Wright,
and Rev. Yearwood, musicians, and street theatre. Pictured are crosses and the stage (solar powered), the war criminals as arrested by Code Pink officers, musician with convention center in the background, and a scene from the very thoughtfully provided children's area. During the cleanup we debated what to do with the chain of peace decorations the kids made (below). I was touched when a 4 year old offered a suggestion: "leave them there and the bad guys will see them and throw away their guns." And we can hope the Republicans and the rest of the warmakers will see US and discard their addiction to guns.