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Impeachment Billboard.

The "I" word has now been spoken publicly and clearly in Waco. The Impeachment billboard went up February 1, 2007 on Waco Drive. As you drive South toward Waco proper (away from Bellmead) just before the river, you will see the billboard in a large field on your left. The background is actually bright yellow, although it looks green in the photograph. It is unclear at this time if impeachment will occur, and certainly ending the Iraq War is the first priority. But as a matter of principle and assertion of 1st amendment rights, this statement needs to be made in Waco, particularly when local infatuation with Bush persists, and the desire for tourist dollars (Bush library) has overpowered any honest evaluation of the horrendous Bush legacy. Grounds for impeachment include: 1)violation of US and international law by the invasion of Iraq, 2) violation of US law by warrantless electronic eavesdropping, 3) violation of US and international law by authorizing torture, 4) and violation of the principles of separation of powers with over 700 presidential "signing statements." Want to take action? Contact your congressman thru the D.C. switchboard 202 224 3121. Or sign our online petition by going to the August archive in this website. SILENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.


  1. When we lived in Waco there was a huge Impeach Warren Burger sign on Valley Mills Drive.

    This sign is a huge improvement.


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