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Kay Lucas' Letter to Waco Tribune Herald

Dear Editors,

Although Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's resignation may have inspired some to begin dancing in the streets, Dan Genz's glowing report, (Waco-Trib, Nov. 9) on his replacement, by Robert Gates, seems, just a mite too unwilling to examine all the facets of the man's previous experience.

In addition, the articles' focus on 'winning the war' in Iraq is ignoring the fact of an overwhelming message from American voters regarding the war. The Trib also seems unwilling to entertain the idea that this war was based on lies, and as such, it is unconscionable to continue to inflict such horror on a population that does not deserve it. Seventy percent of the Iraqi people want us to leave. Do they not get a voice in their future? So much for democracy. The 'war on terror' is not only a ghastly joke on the American people, but also an unholy perpetration of a 'war of terror' on men, women and children, who had nothing to do with 9/11. Who were not threats to the United States. Who just happen to be in the way of a cabal of oil pirate’s intent on looting a resource because of greed and a falsely perceived superior might makes right mentality.

Please don't be so ready to sacrifice the greater good of the United States, and the world, for a little local capital. Your readers deserve to hear a broader perspective on the replacement to Rumsfelds post.

In Ray McGovern offers valuable insight into Robert Gates previous performance with the CIA and his relationship with those now pulling strings within this administration.

McGovern's background of 27 years as a CIA analyst gives considerable credibility to his analysis of Gates' CIA career that points to a 'more of the same' type of sycophant who was willing to 'fix the intelligence' in the Iran Contra affair of the 1980s. One who would not welcome the truth, at the expense of 'Cheney's energy plan', but would instead expect the same hard line loyalty from underlings that resulted in sound bites of 'smoking guns, mushroom clouds and wmds,' based only on the Bush administration pie-in-the-sky policy.

The American Public spoke up for truth and integrity on Nov. 7. Please honor us by presenting another view, from someone with in-depth knowledge and demonstrated integrity. America's', and indeed, the world's future depend on an informed public. Please do your job and give us information from various viewpoints, allowing us to make wiser decisions.
Kay Lucas.

Kay Lucas of Moody is a loyal longtime worker and inspiration for the Waco Friends of Peace. She currently serves as a tireless director of the Crawford Peace House. Her work was vital in bringing the Iraq war debate to the national stage and ultimately in shortening this illegal occupation. The above letter is the original untouched version of her thoughts. A markedly edited version recently appeared in the Waco Tribune Herald.