Important Announcements

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June film: Control Room, Wed. 6/21 6 pm

Our film this month will be a 2004 documentary about the Arab TV network Al Jazeera, called Control Room.

MSNBC called Control Room "an unnerving documentary profiling this unique network that’s faithfully watched by many in the Arab world yet reviled by the U.S. government and condemned by some Arab regimes as well."

"However one might feel about Al-Jazeera or about the war, one has to applaud director Jehane Noujaim for her deft, thoughtful handling of an incendiary subject.

"Virtually everyone we meet in this film has a point of view, but most of them are at least willing to discuss it. If the purpose of a good documentary is to stretch our horizons, challenge accepted assumptions and get people thinking and talking, this film is not only good; it is important, too."

Join us on June 21 at the Waco Central Library, Austin Ave and 18th St., downstairs mtg. rm.

5:30 pm - snacks and chat
6 pm - program, followed by discussion (the film is 84 min.long)