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Critical "State of the Union" prompts local protest during President's speech before Congress

Next Tuesday, January 31, the day President Bush will give his annual State of the Union address, citizens in communities across the country will gather in protest.

In Waco, area residents will gather from 4 to 6 pm at the southwest corner of Waco Drive and Valley Mills to greet rush hour traffic with signs, banners and other visual displays. Organizers say their intention is to express their concerns about President Bush's war in Iraq, illegal domestic spying and other issues.

"The US is in a constitutional crisis with the Bill of Rights and our three-branch form of government under attack by the Bush administration." said Alan Northcutt, of Waco Friends of Peace, one of the event organizers. "I believe citizens have a responsibility to fight back under the first amendment and express their opposition to Bush's policies."

Participants also plan to convene later in the evening, during the speech, at another location to be announced.

Some key points to be made by the demonstrations:

* Rather than State of the Union speech it is Disgrace of the Union.

* Protest in solidarity with many around the country and world who decry unconstitutional and imperialistic activities.

* Our democracy is threatened by an imperial president who believes in the unitary executive and seeks to destroy the checks and balances that have preserved this nation for over 200 years.

* Say no more to: routine lies and distortion, endless wars, torture, war profiteers, corruption in Washington, personal attacks on administration critics, hiding or outlawing of dissent, illegal spying on Americans, bigotry, intolerance, environmental destruction.

"We feel at this time of a crisis in our democracy we must be highly visible," Northcutt said. "It's important to make a statement that Waco is NOT monolithic Bush country."

For more information about the action, call 254-486-0099 or go to